Time Lapse Videos with the Sony a7r III

  • Go to Video Mode
  • Set camera to Manual Focus, set focus.
  • Set S&Q Mode – Program, Shutter, Aperture, or Manual modes are possible.
  • Set S&Q Frame Rate, one frame per second (FPS) is used in this example.
  • Set the S&Q Record Setting. This sets the playback speed.
  • Press the Record Button.
  • The a7r iii processes the video in-camera.
Sony AR-7
Sony AR-7 Full

Read more about S&Q settings of the a7r iii via the Sony Help Guide.

The produced video will be in 1080p. The a7r iii can take 7952 x 5304 pixel images which is enough for 8k time lapse videos. This cannot be done in camera. We will need a remote to take the shots and additional software to produce the video. Here is a review of the Kipon Baveyes medium format lens focal reducer adapter for Sony A7 cameras.  This adapter has a lens element that concentrates the medium format image circle down to the size of a 24x36mm sensor of the Sony A7 cameras with a 0.7x factor.  The 80mm lens above has an equivalent focal length of 56mm.  The concentrated light also gives us one stop of extra light.  The f/1.9 is an equivalent f/1.36, a very fast medium format lens. This a manual focus

Sony AR-7 Interchangeable Lens
Sony AR-7 Interchangeable Lens

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